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Fit over 50

Friday, Fit over 50 at 8:30am


Equipment needed: light weights, Spri tube or towel


Meeting ID: 868 5902 4601
Password: 820404

241 FITNESS is a group exercise program that was created for men and women of all physical levels to pursue and obtain their fitness goals without any degree of judgment or intimidation.


We are what you've been searching for.....With our In studio, Zooming Live Stream and Videos-on-Demand options - we are here for you. 


What makes 241 the BEST....

it's members!

GOLD for 2024 !!! ​





We have an upgraded studio!

  • new floors 

  • 2 air handlers

  • hospital grade UV units

  • air purification unit 

  •  private bathroom 

  • separate equipment room   

Our mission is your health!!!

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