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October 2nd - 5th

Enjoy FREE classes this October 2nd - 5th

It has truly been unusual times since Gov. Baker closed down all non-essential business back in March. We hoped that it would be a short sabbatical but since then small businesses have been hard-struck and one by one have had to re-invent themselves or close down.

In stressful and uncertain times, such as these, the human psyche tends to lean toward the sympathetic fight or flight mentality. "Whoa is me, the sky is falling, it's never going to end, I am doomed...."

I am challenged daily to tap into the para-sympathetic nervous system, of rest and restore. I challenge myself and those around me daily to positively navigate what the world chews up and spits out at us with hope and resolve. 

I am happy to say that we are staying the course, being strong for one and other, navigating "together" through pandemic pitfalls and challenges. Even better yet we are celebrating pandemic birthdays, babies, grand-babies, and weddings!

To celebrate what we have, all that we hold dear.... to acknowledge all that is good, true and pure in the midst of chaos and confusion

241 FITNESS is offering

FREE virtual and in studio classes from 

Friday, October 2nd thru Monday, October 5th.

(on line ZOOM class links are below)

1st: Set up an account on the website: zoom.us.  Zoom is the portal that allows us to share our classes virtually with you. I would suggest using the same e-mail and password you have for your MindBody account. 

2nd: Register for your class (at least 30 minutes prior to class) as you normally do online through your phone or computer on MindBody. Download the MindBody app.

3rd: Click on the link below 10 minutes prior to class.

If you would like to attend an in studio class, create an account and sign-up through MindBody.  Download the MindBody app.

Please share this e-mail with a friend!

Friday, October 2 - Fit Over 50, 8:30am

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 868 5902 4601

Password: 820404

Equipment needed: light weights, spri tube (optional)

Friday, October 2 -Barre at 5:30pm

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Meeting ID: 837 8932 1258

Password: 114355 

Equipment needed; Mat, Light weights, Chair (optional)

Saturday, October 3 - ZUMBA at 8:30am

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Meeting ID: 820 3126 6510

Password: 911737

Saturday, October 3 - Gentle Yoga at 9:45am

Live Stream ONLY!!!


Meeting ID: 890 1059 0043

Password: 710794

Sunday, October 4 - 20/20 at 8:30am

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Meeting ID: 815 6102 1669

Password: 069454

Equipment needed: weights, step (optional)

Monday, October 5 - AeroSculpt at 8:30am

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Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 896 7737 3819

Password: 355417

Equipment needed: heavy weights

Monday, October 5 - PiYo at 4:30pm

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Meeting ID: 833 0096 8769

Password: 620977

Equipment needed: mat

Monday, October 5 - Zumba at 5:30pm

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Meeting ID: 879 0944 1915

Password: 788900

Belonging to Each Other (BTEO) is a coalition of 100+ volunteers consisting of 9 Falmouth congregations and other community members founded in late 2015 to address the problem of homelessness in our community. BTEO provides temporary housing, food, transportation and social services for homeless men and women in Falmouth during the cold winter months, while helping clients identify more stable housing and/or necessary services. It is a high touch, high intensity model. Our population consists of homeless men and women in Falmouth. We will house our clients in rental houses. We can accommodate up to 12 homeless men and women at a time, from October through mid April. As clients transition out to more stable housing, other homeless individuals who meet our eligibility criteria will cycle into available spots.

Covid Screening Questions for in person classes.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please cancel your class reservation, contact your doctor, and train with us via Live Stream. Thank you and be well.

1. Do you have any of the following new (or progressive) symptoms:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • flu like symptoms including muscle aches or head pain
  • abdominal pain, diarrhea, appetite loss, nausea and/or vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • cough
  • sore throat, runny nose/nasal congestions
  • loss of smell or taste
  • rashes

2. In the last 14 days have you been in contact with someone who had these symptoms OR was currently infected with COVID-19?

3. Have you traveled outside of the state or attended a large gathering in the last 14 days?

241 FITNESS   is a group exercise program that was created for men and women of all fitness levels to pursue and obtain their fitness goals without any degree of judgment or intimidation. Our team of professionals will blend great music with group energy to design a safe and fun social experience for participants of all ages and levels.

No membership is required! Take a single class, share a punch card or join by the month!

Located within the Falmouth Sports Center - 33 Highfield Drive in Falmouth.

241 Fitness is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

With a variety of classes to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working out with us.

[email protected]


Read what the buzz is about

The Masks for Falmouth website: masksforfalmouth.org

The gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/masks-for-falmouth

Masks for Falmouth is a group of women in the Falmouth area who are deeply concerned about the risks of transmission of the Covid-19 virus and have banded together to make non-medical cotton face masks for those who need them. The masks are provided without charge to Falmouth residents and employees, particularly those most vulnerable to Covid-19 infection: older people, those with underlying medical conditions, and those who care for vulnerable populations.

We have a stockpile of masks at the moment so most orders can be fulfilled quickly. 

Voted Best of Cape Cod since 2014

What makes 241 the BEST.... is it's members!

Thank you for vote...‚Äč GOLD winner 2020!


241 FITNESS has the largest group fitness 

studio in Falmouth!

  • register in advance with the MindBody app
  • only bring 3 items with you to class (shoes, mat, water) 
  • wear your mask